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Pre-shrub Install in Birmingham, AL area
The Key to Healthy, Vibrant tree and shrubs is a Management Plan
Professional Tree and Shrub Care Service in the Birmingham, AL area.
Loropetalum Shrubs Blooming - Shrub Service Birmingham, AL
Your tree and shrubs are an asset to your home and property value. A well maintained landscape increases property value as it matures. It is wise to protect your landscape investment and this requires a commitment to long term care. If neglected or mismanaged by unqualified services; your ornamentals will suffer (value goes down) and will never provide you with the form, function, and aesthetics originally intended. 

To maximize your landscape enjoyment and value you must protect it from destructive pest, properly prune as needed, and correctly manage plants as they grow and mature.

All the money invested  in planting and care over the years can be wasted by the wrong service. You need to have a tree and shrub care service that dosen't come out and blanket spay your entire landscape when only a select group of ornamentals need treatment. This is malpractice and environmentally irresponsible. Having a competent service that is able to properly identify plant pest then treat insect and disease problems is crucial. 

While most tree and shrub care services only fertilize and blanket spray your ornamentals; we offer professional options that meet the needs of your landscape. 

These options include a complete plant health care (PHC) management plan for your ornamental tree and shrubs.  The purpose of a plant health care program is to protect your landscape investment and help provide healthy, vibrant ornamentals. 

This creates a more aesthetically pleasing landscape for your enjoyment, augments the value of your home, and helps prevent the high cost of replacing ornamental plants. 

Some of the superior qualities of a plant health care management plan include:

  • Monitoring visits - that include selective spraying for insect or disease problems if needed. Environmentally responsible.
  • Soil Samples pulled and sent for analysis - lime applied to adjust pH of soil.
  • Fertilization with slow release nitrogen fertilizer that won't leach into ground water supply. Avaliable when your tree and shrubs need nutrients. No burning of plant foilage.
  • Pre-emergent applied to beds to help prevent weeds from taking over your shrub beds and natural areas.
  • Spot spraying of weeds in beds. Pre-emergent will not control invasive vines, thorns, poison ivy, or Bermuda grass.
  • Fire ant control.
  • Professional pruning of your ornamental tree and shrubs. Have graceful and elegant tree and shrubs instead of butchered and disfigured shapes. No more worries if they will be pruned correctly.

We can customize a management plan to fit your landscape needs. Whether you need a basic plan or a complete management plan; rest assured we have expert solutions to meet your landscape requirements.

Have a certified arborist personally managing your ornamental tree and shrubs.

A seasoned professional certified arborist that has worked in the Birmingham, AL area for over 17 years will manage your tree and shrubs. This gives you the peace of mind knowing you will receive the service and attention you expect. Try you won't find this anywhere else in the Birmingham area.We have a commitment to quality service unlike many other services that focus purely on the quantity. 

You normally receive what you are willing to invest into; no one wants an unqualified person recently hired to blindly spray chemical all over their landscape. That takes minimal training, no expertise, and doesn't serve your best interest .  It's like fast food; it is cheap, bad for you, and you regret you ever ate there when you leave. 

Call 854-3676 or e-mail today for a Plant Health Care Consultation for your Landscape needs. 

We will come out and evaluate your landscape which takes about an hour, discuss your needs, answer questions, and give you an estimate to professionally manage your ornamental tree and shrubs.
 It's hard to put a money figure on the years it takes a plant to become mature. Proper management will help prevent having to replace stunted, inferior, or dying ornamentals. 

Itea Shrubs in Bloom - Shrub Care
Winter Bronzing of Dwarf English Boxwood Birmingham, AL
Itea shrubs in full  bloom are beautiful. They have a serious leaf spot disease that requires a proactive strategy for control.
Winter bronzing of Dwarf English Boxwoods caused by abiotic stress.
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